Annuity Products
Deferred Annuities – Benefits

The Annuity Benefit Exchange is a service that evaluates and compares the benefits, riders and embedded guarantees of deferred annuity products like Variable Annuities or Fixed Indexed Annuities. This service helps determine the economic benefit of an annuity transaction for the client and helps the advisor better meet FINRA suitability and DOL fiduciary standards.

  • Transparently Evaluate the DNA of each Product/Rider in an apples-to-apples environment.
  • Understand comparative performance of each product/rider combination in a dynamic market (in addition to 0% return).
  • Results can be presented in various formats to help demonstrate the economic suitability of a deferred annuity transaction (with Income and Death Benefits):
    • Valuation of Base Contract & Riders specific to client
    • Comparative Projection of Fees , Account Values & Benefits
    • Minimum Initial Income Benefit
  • Improve the ability to meet regulatory requirements:
    • FINRA: Rule 2330 & 2111
    • DOL: Recommendation Risk under BICE