Quantitative Research
Retirement Portfolios (PrARI®)

financial planning

Product Allocation for Retirement Income (PrARI®) is our primary methodology to manage the allocation of investments, annuities, and life-insurance products on behalf of a client based on their retirement income and estate planning needs.

This ground-breaking tool, based on proprietary algorithms developed by The QWeMA Group, allows financial advisors to separate and allocate client portfolios into three categories: Income Annuities (Immediate and Deferred), VA with GMWB, and non-guaranteed income sources (such as portfolios of mutual funds, ETFs, stocks/bonds with a systematic withdrawal plan).

PrARI supports advisors in evaluating current portfolios, including the likelihood a client’s desired income stream will be sustainable over their lifetime. PrARI also tests and validates proposed changes to client portfolios that can increase income and sustainability.

If you are a financial services company and would like to adopt the product allocation approach, consider what PrARI can do for you.

PrARI is available directly through the CANNEX service portal or it can be integrated with other third party tools that support retirement income planning.