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CANNEX’s mortgage information service brings a consolidated view of mortgage rate, term and related features offered by a number of financial institutions across Canada.

What are the benefits of the CANNEX mortgage information service?

  • One Stop Data Shop.
  • Accuracy and Timeliness.
  • Competitive Comparisons.
  • Features and Rates at a Glance.

Who benefits from the CANNEX mortgage information service?

  • Financial institutions have one stop access to distribution of their mortgage offers’ features and rates.
  • Mortgage brokers and consumers can compare mortgage offers, at a glance, to make informed product decisions.
  • Electronic/print media have one stop access to a consolidated view of mortgage offers which they share with their electronic and print media audience.

How to contribute to or receive the CANNEX mortgage information?

  • Financial institutions who wish to contribute information for their mortgage offers can do so through a CANNEX-hosted user interface or by an automated file submission process.
  • For distributors, CANNEX mortgage information is available in a variety of electronic formats and can be tailored for your particular use – be it for a website, print media or other display channels.
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