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CANNEX’s Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) information service brings a consolidated view of interest rate and product information for fixed interest rate RRIFs offered by banks, trust companies, credit unions, savings and loan and life insurance companies across Canada.

What are the benefits of the CANNEX RRIF information service?

  • One Stop Data Shop.
  • Accuracy and Timeliness.
  • Competitive Comparisons.
  • Features and Rates at a Glance.

Who benefits from the CANNEX RRIF information service?

  • Financial institutions have one stop access to distribution of their RRIF interest rates and product information.
  • Agents, brokers and consumers can compare RRIF interest rates and features, at a glance, to make informed investment decisions.
  • Electronic/print media have one stop access to a consolidated view of RRIF offers which they share with their electronic and print media audience.

How to contribute to or receive the CANNEX RRIF information?

  • Financial institutions who wish to contribute information for their RRIF product offers can do so through a CANNEX-hosted user interface or by an automated file submission process.
  • For distributors, CANNEX RRIF information is available in a variety of electronic formats and can be tailored for your particular use – be it for a website, print media or other display channels.
Current RRIF Rates
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10 to 25 Years