CANNEX Research: Comparing a Novel In-Plan Income Solution to Alternatives

Toronto, ON– March 30, 2023:  CANNEX Research released a new white paper, sponsored by Annexus Retirement Solutions, that analyzes and evaluates the performance of the Lifetime Income Builder as an income solution within Defined Contribution Plans in the U.S. Market.

In response to the growing need for lifetime income, the insurance and asset management industries continue to innovate to provide guaranteed income solutions. One example of retirement income innovation is Lifetime Income Builder from Annexus Retirement Solutions, a fixed indexed annuity with a daily market valuation like an investment and a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB). Lifetime Income Builder is incorporated into a target date series to create a Lifetime Income Builder Target Date Fund (LIB TDF).

This paper compares the LIB TDF first, to a traditional target date fund (TDF) with similar characteristics, and secondly, to a traditional guaranteed retirement income solution in the form of a single premium immediate annuity (SPIA). Our objective is to compare and clarify the performance of the LIB TDF relative to alternatives, aiding in the analysis and ultimately, the selection of retirement income options.